May 19, 2024

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Must-Have Accessories for Your Two-Wheeler

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Indians prefer two-wheelers due to their speed and agility. While daily commuting may not
require additional accessories, longer rides or two-wheeler adventures prompt you to invest
in various accessories.
The Essential Accessories For Your Two-Wheeler

  1. Riding Gear
    To reduce injuries in an accident, riders should always wear robust safety gear to protect
    their bodies. By donning safety gear, you can prevent harm from any impact—from a severe
    collision to minor scrapes—when you fall off your motorcycle. Complete safety gear consists
    of the following:
    ● Helmet
    ● A complete riding suit or a jacket and trousers
    ● Body Armour
    ● Shoes
    ● Gloves
    ● Shin/Elbow/Knee Guards
    ● Safety glasses
  2. First Aid Kit
    When travelling, first aid kits are frequently forgotten. It would help if you always had first
    aid on hand when riding a bike because there is a greater likelihood of an accident. To form
    this kit, one only requires a little medical experience. For your information, the following
    essential items are listed:
    ● Distilled water for wound cleansing
    ● Antiseptic lotion
    ● Tweezers
    ● Cutlery
    ● Gauze bandages
    ● Bandages
    ● Pins for safety
    ● Digital thermometer; As a regular thermometer could break in an accident .
    ● Analgesics
    ● A list of phone numbers for emergencies
    ● A document addressing medication allergies
  3. Insurance For Two Wheelers
    In the event of bodily harm, your riding gear and first aid pack will assist. Still, in the event of
    bike-related accidents, buying a bike insurance policy will cover you financially. The level of
    financial protection will depend on the two-wheeler insurance plan you select. For instance,
    you will have financial security against any harm done to a third party if you choose third-
    party bike insurance. On the other hand, you will also have financial protection against
    damage to your bike if you select comprehensive coverage. *

Recall that Indian law requires you to purchase at least a third-party bike insurance policy.
For total protection, however, choosing comprehensive coverage is preferable. Therefore,
buy comprehensive coverage and fortify it with appropriate add-ons such as Pillion Rider
coverage, 24/7 Spot Assistance, Zero Depreciation, etc. You can use a Bajaj Allianz motor
insurance premium calculator
to check on the prices of premiums to be paid. Claims are
subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. *
Purchasing two-wheeler insurance online has several advantages. You can compare
insurance and choose the ideal-value choice. When searching for a policy, you may also
learn the definitions of key phrases related to insurance; this will make purchasing insurance
easier. You can manage your policy using an online bike insurance app.

  1. Mirrors
    Opt for affordable safety measures like plastic reflectors, LED lights, or illuminating sticky
    tapes for your motorcycle. These additions are crucial for nighttime visibility, particularly in
    rural areas, offering sufficient reflection for pedestrians and other drivers.
  2. Simple Repair Instruments
    Minor repairs can be handled with a basic toolset on hand, saving you from always needing
    expert assistance.
    Think about including the following equipment in your bike repair kit:
    ● Versatile folding Allen wrench
    ● Screwdriver
    ● Versatile pocket knife
    ● Pliers
    ● Adaptable wrench
    ● Simple tyre repair kit

Get insured anytime, anywhere! Check out Bajaj Allianz General Insurance website to learn
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